Carrot-Top Pesto Recipe

At Hope’s Harvest RI, one of our main goals is to reduce food waste that occurs on farms. Part of that means using ALL parts of the produce you bring home, including carrots. Did you know that carrot tops are not only an edible green, but also a delicious additive to your broth or addition to your pesto? Don’t believe us? Give this recipe a try! 

Grilled Cheese with Carrot Top Pesto

It’s a show-topper!


Carrot greens                    1 cup

Olive oil                              ¼ cup

Pine nuts                            ½ cup

Garlic                                 2 cloves

Multigrain bread                 2 slices

White american cheese     2 slices

Butter                                 ½ teaspoon

Salt and pepper to taste      

Instructions for Pesto:

Blanch the carrot tops by boiling them in hot water for 2 minutes.

Place the greens into an ice bath for 3 minutes, then drain.

Use a food processor to breakdown the garlic and pine nuts until blended.

Add the carrot greens and parmesan to the food processor and pulse until mixture is blended well.

Slowly add olive oil until it the mixture turns into a paste. 

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Instructions for Pesto Grilled Cheese:

Place cheese of choice and a healthy smear of carrot green pesto on bread 

Add additional ingredients as desired and assemble sandwich

Butter bread on both sides of the sandwich 

Place in skillet on medium low heat until golden brown on each side 

If carrot tops are in short supply around the house, join our next carrot gleaning trip to stock up! 

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