HHRI Coloring Pages

Introducing Hope’s Harvest RI coloring pages! Originally commissioned as a fun group art project for our postponed Friendsgiving event, these were drawn for us by friend of the program Janice Gan, a multi-talented farmer at Big Train Farm. Inspired by the food that we have gleaned over the years, we unearthed our favorite ugly veggie photos from our archives – snuggling carrots, heart shaped tomatoes, conjoined eggplants – and had Janice make some magic. If you’ve been on one of our many gleans, you’ve definitely seen these veggies around! Janice even included a banner along the bottom of the pages to write in your very own vegetable puns or reflections on how much you love to glean. We’re delighted to share these with you as a light-hearted, humorous, and fun activity that you can do at home to relieve some stress and reflect on the thousands of pounds of “ugly” veggies we’ve saved over the season.

Download and print the PDF’s from by clicking the download links above. Want to share your finished pages with the Hope’s Harvest RI community? We’d love to see them! Send finished pics to merl@hopesharvest.org

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