HHRI’s Spring Training Yoga Series

Get ready to get your blood flowing and join us for virtual yoga classes every Saturday through the months of April and May!

Hope’s Harvest RI is hosting a nurturing Spring warm-up training series that prioritizes healthy movement and self-care, intended to help our community get ready to glean when our season starts up again in early summer. All bodies and minds welcome!

These classes are being generously provided by four different local yoga studios. Their unique instructors will gently guide you through knee-strengthening movements, hip-opening stretches, and joint-stabilizing exercises to help guide you throughout the season, improve flexibility and strength, and soothe your muscles all season long. 

You can sign up for the classes as follows:

Saturday, April 10th at 10AM with Barre & Soul Yoga
Saturday, April 17th at 2PM with Iyengar Yoga Source
Saturday, April 24th at 9 AM with Create Power Yoga
Saturday, May 1st at 9 AM with Create Power Yoga
Saturday, May 8th at 9 AM with Create Power Yoga
Saturday, May 15th at 9 AM with Create Power Yoga
Saturday, May 22nd at 10 AM with Breathing Time Yoga
Saturday, May 29th at 10 AM with Breathing Time Yoga

Check out some specials from each of these studios!

Breathing Time Yoga – Getting Ready to Garden! Yoga Workshop, runs from April 15th – May 6th, 2021
A four-week virtual yoga series that will teach you how to get your body ready to garden and how to manage aches and pains when you’ve overdone it. Now is the time to get your body ready for digging, weeding, planting, hoeing, watering and all the work of making your garden come to life!

Barre & Soul – New Client Special, available to new members for just $49! An unlimited number of classes, at the location of your choice, both in studio and virtual. You’ll also receive a special discount code for the New Client Special when you register for this class above!

Iyengar Yoga Source – Live-online classes great for providing you with an experience as close to in studio as possible! You’ll be able to interact with the group, ask questions after class, and receive feedback from the instructor if you chose to have your camera on. Check out their schedule of livestream classes!

Create Power Yoga – A 100% on-demand Virtual Studio. As a member, you get unlimited access to over 100 classes of varying types and lengths, meditations, and tutorials for only $20/month!

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