Gleaning at Martin House Farm

During this 2021 growing season, Hope’s Harvest RI has been able to expand connections not only with distribution agencies, but also in the field. One of our most recent partners, the Martin House Farm, is only a stone’s throw away from our home in Providence. The large fields of corn where Hope’s Harvest was invited to glean this season are managed by the neighboring Four Town Farm, one of our longest-running farm partners.

Located in North Swansea, MA, the historical house is an example of 18th and early 19th century farms that continue to resemble its original setting. The home was lived in by the Martin family for generations, and consists of the main eight room cottage, two barns, and its flourishing fields surrounded by stone walls. Since 1930, the home has been under ownership of the National Society of the Colonial Dames, fronted by eighth-generation family member, Susan Taber Martin Allien.

The Martin House Farm is on the National Register of Historical Places, deeming it a cultural resource worthy of preservation. The property continues to exhibit the farming lifestyle from centuries past. The Living History Program, ran and sponsored by Martin House Farm, educates and trains Swansea high school students on accurate period attire and 18th century common activities that were once done on the land. They then welcome local fifth graders each year to explore and learn from their peers.

The property has also repurposed one of the barns for an event venue, and occasionally offer period arts and crafts projects for the public. Although the Martin House Farm is currently closed to the public for the 2021 season due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, they look forward to welcoming everyone to their events in 2022 that can be found on their facebook page or website.

Hope’s Harvest RI is thrilled to have made a connection with such a fascinating farm, and are excited to continue supporting not only redistributing their crops to those in need, but also their work of looking back in time and history.

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