Volunteer Since 2020

Volunteering with Hope’s Harvest resonates with Nancy on so many levels. She sees it as a fulfilling activity for her mind, body, and soul. Each time she volunteers, Nancy is in awe by the number of agencies, farmers, staff, and volunteers that come together to make a difference in the lives of people who benefit from the fresh produce that they harvest. Nancy’s favorite memory was when she first saw CBD fields on a gleaning trip – she thought the plants looked like small Christmas trees! Nancy is retired from AT&T and spent the last part of her work life problem solving and improving processes. 


Volunteer Since July 2020

Melinda got into gleaning with Hope’s Harvest RI because she wanted to do more volunteering during the Covid-19 crisis. She loved getting to know the gleaning trip leaders, going out to the farms, and meeting other volunteers. Melinda was surprised to find out how productive the farms are here in Rhode Island and believes in the importance of local food. Her favorite gleaning memory was getting a compliment from the farmer at Arcadian Fields farm on her kale harvesting technique. Melinda recently retired to Rhode Island after 25 years at the CDC and says volunteering with Hope’s Harvest RI has been a highlight of her new life here. 


Volunteer Since 2018

As one of Hope’s Harvest’s first volunteers, Rich has learned the in’s and out’s of gleaning. He was surprised to learn how particular produce needs to be for stores and noted how impressed he was by Four Town Farm’s high standards for picking curly kale. Rich loves being able to get outside and get some exercise in the company of down-to-earth folks. Before moving to Rhode Island in 2017, Rich worked as an actuary in New Jersey.


Volunteer Since 2020

Kat lives in an apartment complex and finds that getting outside and into the fields with Hope’s Harvest RI is a great way to get in some exercise, meet new friends, and help a lot of people get fresh food. She’s been going to shop at Four Town Farm for years, but has been able to see it from the farmer’s perspective since beginning to volunteer with Hope’s Harvest RI. Katherine was surprised to find out how much time and effort goes into harvesting crops and feels that her gleaning experience has  made her much more aware of the amount of food that goes to waste. Her favorite gleaning memories  are rescuing kale at Arcadian Fields and potatoes at Movement Ground Farm in Tiverton and just being out in nature. For those thinking of volunteering with Hope’s Harvest RI,  Katherine says, “You gotta try this. It’s really fun!”


Volunteer Since 2019

Even though the work can be physically demanding, Jose says the deep satisfaction of helping to provide fresh food to families in Rhode Island far outweighs sore muscles at the end of a gleaning trip. Jose is originally from Portugal and gleaning with Hope’s Harvest RI brings back childhood memories of his family’s farm. In fact, his favorite gleaning memory is digging up potatoes, which reminds him of seeing people harvest potatoes by hand in Portugal. 

Lily and Adam

Volunteers Since 2019

Lily and Adam returned to Rhode Island during the summer of 2020 and found Hope’s Harvest RI while browsing for volunteer opportunities. They had both previously been students of environmental science at Brown University and worked in the food and agriculture sector in California after graduating. They felt like Hope’s Harvest RI was a great way to reconnect with the community. Lily loved volunteering with Hope’s Harvest RI because she says, “You get fresh air, get to see talented farmers grow things, and meet new people.” One of her favorite memories from volunteering is overlooking the wildflowers and kale fields at Arcadian Farms, while Adam’s favorite gleaning memory is harvesting leeks for the community at Casey Farm, a historic and beautiful working farm in Saunderstown. Adam believes that volunteering with Hope’s Harvest RI helps people realize how much farmers contribute to keeping us fed and happy and was surprised and inspired by how much food a small group of people can harvest in just a couple of hours.

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