Hope’s Harvest RI mobilizes volunteers to rescue food from local farms that would otherwise go to waste and distributes it to local hunger relief agencies. Farm-based food recovery, also known as “Gleaning”, is the ancient practice of collecting unharvested produce from farmer’s fields and distributing it to people in need. There are over 250 gleaning projects across the United States, which makes gleaning a proven and well documented model for improving food security and minimizing food waste.

Hope’s Harvest RI is Rhode Island’s first gleaning project, although our neighbors in MA, VT, and ME all have strong and vibrant communities of gleaners. Hope’s Harvest RI started gleaning in the 2018 growing season and is fiscally sponsored by Farm Fresh Rhode Island, a registered 501c3 organization.

This work is made possible by the Carter Fellowship for Entrepreneurial Innovation, a program at the Rhode Island Foundation funded by Letitia and John Carter, the Claneil Foundation, and other generous sponsors and individual donors.


To improve the livelihoods of local farmers, increase food security for our most vulnerable residents, and get everyone engaged in strengthening the food system by eliminating on-farm food waste in Rhode Island. 


Hope’s Harvest RI envisions strong and connected communities where farmers are honored, valued, and compensated for their contributions, neighbors get their hands dirty and have fun helping each other, and everyone enjoys an abundance of fresh, healthy food. 


It is unacceptable for our friends and neighbors to be hungry while good food goes to waste. Nourishing the Rhode Island community with fresh, healthy, locally grown produce is an act of love and justice with the power to transform our world. 

Because we believe everyone has a right to thrive, and there is enough for all of us, we take responsibility for our collective well being by (re)distributing resources for the common good.  

Because we respect the labor of our volunteers, our agency partners, and everyone involved in growing and harvesting our food, we fill gaps, solve problems, and make it easy to help each other.

Because we take joy in our work and the connection it brings, we build power together in partnership. 

Because we know our future is at stake, we offer solutions to the climate crisis by reducing RI hunger relief agencies’ reliance on fossil fuels and making our local food system more resilient.  

Because we honor the inherent worth and dignity of every human being, we stand against systemic inequality and stand up for food justice, food sovereignty, and the rights of all people to self determination. 

Because we can always do better, we continuously strive to learn from and be accountable to our partners and our community. 

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